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    Consistency in quality and reliability.

    Metaformation’s products are the fruits of our team’s combined effort to help our local businesses meet their material handling needs and storage upgrades—so they can serve their community with zero downtime.

    Competitive rates forever.​

    We like to keep our prices low to accommodate all of our customers’ needs. Our team in Metaformation constantly studies the market and industry to consistently deliver the best rates possible.

    Responsive customer support.

    Our team provides scheduled free consultations, quick racking designs, and quotations.We aim to build lifelong vendor-customer relationships that are founded on trust, collaboration, and productivity.

    Great aftersales guidance and care.

    The real customer service starts the moment a deal is closed. Customer service shouldn’t stop once the products are off the shelves. We promise to work with you until you’re 100% satisfied.

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Here are some raving reviews from some of our most amazing clients.
    We are satisfied with the design and installation of Metaformation’s Drive- in Racks . Their effiency in both products & service meets the dyanmics need of the company

    Mr . Justin Ongsue

    VP sales & Operations 

    Pacific Paint ( BOYSEN) Phils Inc.

    Metaformation supplied me with sturdy wonderful shelving, that helped my business to be organized, and they have also guided me through in making their product work for my business. They have made my life easier. Thank you very much!

    Maria Tan

    Clothing Store

    Dealing business with Metaformation was such a delight. They are very easy to communicate with, precise, deliberate and they have also given me a competitive price above other gondola suppliers. I look forward to our next business transaction for my soon-to-launch store. Keep it up!

    Manuel Chua 


    Supermarket Store

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