Shelving, Display, and Storage Accessories

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Shopping Carts

Metaformation shopping carts are designed for optimal comfort and functionality. Customers can effortlessly navigate through crowded aisles, ensuring smooth gliding via improved wheel casters and spacious storage capacity for big purchases.

Plastic Baskets A

Designed to meet the needs of busy shopping environments. Its durable construction and ergonomic design make it the perfect choice for shoppers looking for decent-sized wheeled baskets that offer convenience and less heavy lifting. Available in custom colors.

Plastic Baskets B

Our basic ergonomic basket guarantees a pleasant shopping experience from start to finish. Its comfortable grip and lightweight design make it easy to carry. Its spacious interior provides enough room for any lightweight purchase. Available in custom colors.

Plastic Baskets C

Maneuver through the store with our mobile shopping basket on wheels, featuring a durable plastic body and secure metal mount. Its smooth-rolling wheels ensure seamless navigation, providing convenience and efficiency. Plastic baskets are available in custom colors.

Plastic Baskets D

Make shopping more convenient with our mini shopping cart with a retractable metal pull-rod, designed. Its sturdy construction and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable and efficient shopping experience. Available in custom colors.

Upright Post

Solid and durable upright posts, constructed from best-quality materials for reliable and guaranteed performance. Its modular design and easy installation make it a versatile solution for organizing retail displays.


Securely holds a variety of materials. Our hooks have adaptable design and robust construction making them indispensable for organizing and showcasing products and other items.


Our cascading displays feature descending arms for effortless browsing. Their streamlined structure and sturdy build offer an attractive and practical solution for presenting tools, garments, and accessories.


Dependable curved hooks, made from durable materials for enduring strength. Their versatile shape and straightforward installation make them an ideal choice for arranging and exhibiting hanging products.

Wheel Caster

Adds and improves the mobility of wheel-capable fixtures. Engineered for smooth and easy movement. Their sturdy build and consistent performance ensure effortless maneuverability for your displays and installations.

Steel Back Panel

Our steel panels are designed to provide structural reinforcement and stability. Its durable composition and flexible mounting options make it essential for securing, organizing, and keeping display units in place at all times.


Get things up on the wall with improved brackets. Super easy to install, twice as reliable, and still the better choice for convenient hanging of shelves and dividers.

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